Why I Switched My Artist Website Domain Names

I began to realize that Nuwud Art should get a new domain name, and host, in order to better reflect the name and to distinguish it from the apparel brand that started becoming an out of control beast! I wanted to start from scratch and build the website I always wanted my artist website to be.

Nuwud.net will be exclusively dedicated to the Nuwud Brand experience. That means swag and its own culture.

NuwudPhotography.com is the home of my photography projects.

NuwudMultimedia.com is my branding and marketing agency.

There will probably be more.

I have a bunch of project I have been working on for a long time and I never really invested in writing about it. Now I will. This should be interesting.

NuwudArt.com will be a place to see my art work and to buy some if you like.


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